Woman’s body found in bag belongs to pawnshop; 2 suspects missing


More information has been revealed regarding the body of a woman in a suitcase in the Sapugaskanda region.

Police said the woman left with another woman and a man in a three-wheeler to redeem pledged gold jewelry, but then disappeared after leaving with the other woman in a three-wheeler.

Her husband had filed a complaint with the police on November 28 regarding the woman’s disappearance.

Police investigations confirmed that the missing woman was traveling in the three-wheeler with another woman and her brother, a resident of Summit.

Police said the other woman and her brother are currently missing and an operation is currently underway to locate them.

It is said that the deceased woman made her living by lending money at interest.

Police had identified the body of the woman who was killed, stuffed into a suitcase and dumped in a landfill on Mabima Road, Sapugaskanda yesterday, as that of 45-year-old Maligawatte resident Mohammad Shafi Fathima Munthas.

Wife AM Amalolla’s husband and her two children identified the body yesterday afternoon in the morgue of Ragama hospital.

Her husband had lodged a complaint with Bluemandhal Police, saying his wife, who resided at the Maligawatta National Housing Program, had been missing since the 28th.

Police investigations revealed that the woman had traveled in a three-wheeler with another woman. However, the motive for the murder and who had committed the crime and stuffed the body of the woman in the suitcase and dumped it in the landfill has not been revealed until now.

The body of the woman who had been mysteriously killed and her body stuffed into a suitcase and thrown into a dumpster had been found by the police on Thursday (04) afternoon.

Police requested help from nearby police stations to identify the deceased woman and Bluemandhal Police have notified a complaint.

In addition, three other parties also lodged complaints with the Sapugaskanda police yesterday morning looking for missing women.

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