New Delhi, August 3

A 40-year-old man has been arrested in Subhash Nagar, west Delhi, for being hired by a money lender to kill someone in a monetary dispute, police said on Tuesday.

Mukesh Chopra, a resident of Ashok Nagar, was hired by the main defendant identified as Manoj, a money lender from Dichaon Kalan, to kill Gautam Kohli, 38, a customs clearance officer.

Police said Kohli, a resident of Rajouri Garden in West Delhi, is in financial crisis and has borrowed Rs 25 lakh at 20% interest rate from the money lender.

When Kohli did not return the borrowed amount, Manoj first uttered threats, but then planned to kill him and hired Mukesh to give information on the victim’s movements, they said.

Kohli was found shot dead in the neighboring district of Sonipat, Haryana.

According to police, Kohli’s father reported to Subhash Nagar Police Station on July 30 that his son was found dead near the edge of the Kharkhoda-Bahadurgarh main road by Sonipat police.

He said his son was shot dead by someone near Kharkhoda in Sonipat and the body had six gunshot wounds.

The victim’s father last spoke to Kohli by cell phone on July 29 at 8:13 p.m. while his stepdaughter spoke to the victim around 8:30 p.m., police said.

Deputy Police Commissioner (West) Urvija Goel said when family members were questioned it emerged that Kohli was in debt and had borrowed money from Manoj.

He was not able to repay the amount, so a dispute arose and Manoj had regularly threatened him, Goel said.

“Manoj’s cell phone number turned out to be off since the incident and further investigation revealed Kohli was last seen at Singh Chicken Corner, Jail Road, Hari Nagar, where he was a regular visitor. and he left from there at 10:15 p.m. Technical surveillance revealed that Manoj was also present near the same restaurant until 10:30 pm, ”she said.

Defendant Mukesh was in regular contact with Manoj and from a CCTV analysis and ground check it was established that Mukesh was also present at the same restaurant on July 29, police said.

“During questioning, Mukesh revealed that he was hired by Manoj to provide information on Kohli’s movement and that he was paid cash for this work. He made a reconnaissance of Kohli’s movement for 10 days and passed all the information on to Manoj, ”said DCP Goel.

“On July 29, when Kohli came out of Singh Chicken Corner and boarded a rickshaw at 10:15 pm, Mukesh and another associate immediately relayed this information to Manoj, who was present with three other associates and all of them said. started to follow him on two different two-wheelers, ”she said.

“After a certain distance, they overpowered him in his auto-rickshaw and took him to an unknown location, then murdered him in Sonipat,” the policeman said.

Raids are underway to arrest the remaining defendants, including Manoj, who has two cases of murder and attempted murder registered at the Najafgarh police station. – PTI