JAIPUR: A 61-year-old man committed suicide after jumping in front of a train in Gokulpura after he was allegedly harassed by a pawnshop, Kardhani police said on Saturday.
The deceased has been identified as Mahaveer Sharma, a resident of Kamla Nagar near Sirsi Road. According to police, Sharma’s son Karan (27) filed an FIR on Friday afternoon, alleging that a certain Pratap Singh Choudhary was constantly threatening his father.
SHO Banwari Lal Meena said Sharma died on Wednesday after jumping in front of a train. A suicide note was recovered from him in which Sharma blamed Choudhary.
Police said Sharma returned some money to Choudhary, but the latter continued to insist on more.
According to the FIR, Choudhary came to Sharma’s house at 3 p.m. on Wednesday when Sharma was in the office, while her son Karan was present in the house. Choudhary reportedly threatened the family that if Sharma does not pay back the money, he will make them homeless.
Family members told cops that Choudhary had regularly threatened Sharma, and he ended his life that same day at 10 p.m. when he couldn’t take it anymore.
Police in Kardhani said an FIR was filed under Articles 384 (extortion) and 306 (incitement to suicide) of the IPC.
Police said based on the FIR and the accused’s recovered suicide note, they initiated the investigation.
“Family members shared the accused’s phone number. They said Mahaveer had been traumatized by the constant intimidation from Pratap Singh Choudhary, ”an official said, adding that on Wednesday when Karan told Mahaveer that Choudhary had come to their house and asked for money.