Bettors Avoid Victoria’s Cash Limit Program For Slots


A Victorian government program that used voluntary loss limits in an attempt to minimize damage to poker machines was considered a failure, with negligible participation from bettors and some sites actively discouraging customers from using the program.

A review of the YourPlay program by researchers at the University of Adelaide released on Friday evening found that only 0.01% of the money pumped into Victorian poker machines in 2018 was made using pre-commitment cards. volunteers. The Victorians lost $ 2.7 billion on poker machines last year.

The report found that only 0.01 percent of poker machine sales were made using YourPlay cards. Credit:Pierre Braig

YourPlay was introduced in 2015 at a cost of $ 197 million, mostly paid for by the gaming industry, but was heavily criticized at the time due to its voluntary nature and the fact that bettors could choose to continue playing. play even after reaching their preset limit.

The government-commissioned review found that YourPlay offered reasonable harm-reduction benefits to people using the program, including making it easier for them to meet loss limits.

However, uptake of the program was “very low,” not even meeting the low expectations of convincing 1 to 5 percent of players to sign up.

A small number of sites achieved an “almost acceptable” rate of up to 0.5-1% of YourPlay card revenue, but the overwhelming majority of pubs and clubs were not using “either any use of YourPlay, ie almost no use of YourPlay ”.

“There is still work to be done for the YourPlay program to reach its full potential. “

Victorian Gaming Minister Marlene Kairouz

The attitude of the sites towards the program was a major cause of the failure, notes the report. Of 157 attempts by researchers to join the program in Victorian pubs and clubs, only 24 were successful.

Researchers encountered negative feedback from staff about the program in a third of enrollment attempts and on 10 occasions were actively discouraged from joining.

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