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Ahmedabad: A man borrowed Rs 25 lakh from a money lender in Khodiyarnagar, Gujarat. In a shocking turn of events, he repaid Rs 85 lakh and was forced to work in call centers. The man has been identified as Sagar Mehta. The 31-year-old victim claimed that the lender’s henchmen kidnapped him and took him to various states.

According to the report, a complaint was filed by the victim. Based on information, the investigating team arrested an individual named Shubham Rajput, implicated in the kidnapping.

Sagar took out a loan in the amount of Rs 25 lakh from Rahul Chauhan at an interest rate of 3%.

In his complaint to the police, Sagar said: “I reimbursed Rs 85 lakh. Yet the accused kidnapped me in March,” he said. India time. He further noted that he was tied to a chair and forced to work as a call center executive.

After Sagar’s complaint, the police team arrested Shubham, while three others (Jitu Chauhan, Rahul Chauhan and Atul Rajput) were also involved in the offense.

Commenting on the incident, Nikol Police Inspector VD Zala said: “Sagar took out a loan worth Rs 25 lakh from Rahul Chauhan, a loan shark from Khodiyarnagar”.

Another similar incident

In another incident, Khokhra police arrested four money lenders for their alleged involvement in an extortion case. According to the report, two are still at large. The suspects in the cops net are Gaurav Chauhan, Sharad Karade, Dalversinh Chauhan and Saurav Chauhan.

In his police complaint, the victim claimed to have borrowed Rs 20,000 from these money lenders. They levied a penalty of Rs 500 for each day if there was a late payment. The complainant reimbursed Rs 40,000 but they continued to harass him.

The report further suggests that the plaintiff paid Rs 2 lakh in total to the four defendants in this case.