7th Pay Commission: These government employees pay an increase – maximum amount set at Rs 20,000!


7th Wage Commission: For agents working with Indian Railways, an exceptional opportunity presented itself as the national carrier decided to double the fees of staff who worked as arbitrators. The amount has been increased from Rs 500 per day to Rs 1000. If the agents act as arbitrator for half a day, they will be entitled to Rs 500 instead of the previous amount of Rs 250.

According to the latest developments, Indian Railways has decided to increase the maximum amount of fees to Rs 20,000 per case. The Railway Commission has not made any other changes, and a copy of this order is currently online with ‘Zee Business’.

What is an arbitrator

The arbitrator is the person designated by each department to resolve internal disputes. This system is very old in the railways, and the arbitrator is expanding its services to settle disputes without resorting to court assistance.

Arbitration is a procedure whereby, in the event of a dispute, the arbitrator hears both parties and then decides the matter in accordance with the law. We can take an example of ‘Panch’ or ‘Panchayat’ which also in the form of a referee.

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The referee facilitates the department

If a department takes the services of an adjudicator, it has the following advantages:

1. The department is able to resolve disputes at low cost
2. The procedure followed is very simple and takes less time.
3. The case is resolved within the department itself
4. The verdict is generally considered final, as there is no possibility of appeal remaining.

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