Monthly Archives: March 2021

SBA dramatically increases maximum EIDL loan amount to $ 500,000

The US Small Business Administration is dramatically increasing the maximum amount of money small businesses and nonprofits can borrow through its COVID-19 economic disaster loan program – and the time they have to pay it back . Starting the week of April 6, the SBA increases the loan limit for the COVID-19 EIDL program from […]

Malta imposes a limit of € 10,000 on the sale of goods and other valuables

It is now illegal for people in Malta to conduct cash transactions worth € 10,000 or more in transactions involving property and other valuables. In an attempt to crack down on money laundering, Malta issued a legal opinion yesterday, implementing cash restrictions which had been in the works for several years and which were announced […]

Wellington money lender accused of “intimidation” of people who oppose his business

Superloans hung posters outside their store of a woman who wrote on their window, saying “Wow! Te Aro taggers are old as hell !!” Photo / Supplied / Sam Pavan A man from Wellington said the owner of a high-priced loaner store tried to intimidate him after he emailed complaining about the conduct of the […]

Money lender Moola to reimburse clients $ 2.8 million for ‘unreasonable’ charges

Moola will issue approximately $ 2.8 million in credits or refunds to affected customers over the next 12 months. The amount of the credit or reimbursement will be the difference between the actual fees charged to the customer and the reasonable fees calculated by the Commission. Following complaints from a budget service and concerns raised […]

Maximum amount of time you should leave wet clothes in your washing machine, expert says

If you’ve ever wondered how long you can leave laundry in your machine before it starts to smell damp, the experts have the answer. How long should I leave the laundry on? (photo in stock) A lot of people are guilty of putting on a load of laundry, letting it cycle, and forgetting that they […]