Where can I get a loan to a pensioner? And can it be done at all?

As the analysis of product lines shows, the loan to pensioners has been in high demand in some Russian banks in recent years. However, it is not that easy to take. The bankers themselves admit that the customer category mentioned is one of the most conscientious and binding.

Finance institutions were loaning to a retiree is not that difficult


Incidentally, employees of apartment offices could say the same thing. If, of course, it occurred to someone to ask them.  Next, let’s look at a few loan and finance institutions where loaning to a retiree is not that difficult. The particular age of this customer group and the modest amount of income naturally force lenders to be very careful.

It must also be added that the specified programs do not belong to the universal category. That said, we’re not going to go into detail about what kind of loan can be granted to a pensioner at Sberbank (a consumer who only has to be repaid after 75 years).
So, the first to offer a loan to a pensioner was Sovcombank.

His program provides that a Russian citizen can apply for a loan that can be repaid in full up to the age of 85. The maximum amount is 250 thousand USD (or less). Interest rate – 28% per year. This proposal can benefit both working and non-working pensioners (for old age, for people who left early).

Express Pension program

Express Pension program

You can also use the Express Pension program: up to 30 thousand USD at 33% a year. All you need is a civil passport.  Even a loan to a pensioner can give an agricultural bank. A special program provides loans for up to 100 thousand USD. And he only pays 15% a year for using the customer.

The program conditions (otherwise called “Pension Credit”) stipulate that a positive decision by the credit committee is only possible if the guarantor or co-borrower is involved in the transaction. Alternatively, you can deposit a liquid deposit.

In addition to the organizations mentioned, the pensioner is offered a loan as follows:

• Fast Bank – up to 200,000 USD at 26-35% a year. You must confirm the income or provide a certificate of the amount of the pension received.
• Honest Bank – up to 250,000 USD at 26% a year (and above). You need a pension certificate and a civil passport.
• Thrift Bank – up to 100,000 USD at 17% -21.5% annually Without doing a guarantee, it won’t work here. The bank also requires a passport, a pension certificate, and a pension certificate (or 2-NDFL if the customer is currently working).
• Cash Bank – up to 100,000 or up to 200,000 USD at 20% -21% per year. In the second case, at least one guarantee is required, but not in the first. You also need confirmation of the amount of the pension.

Find free time to make a company an older relative when you visit the bank


The pitfalls here areas with standard credit programs. To avoid future difficulties, it’s better to find free time to make a company an older relative when you visit the bank. And you shouldn’t just go, but with the goal of becoming a guarantor. This reduces the risk of refusing to issue and hopes for a lower interest rate.

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