TinyChat Problems and Solutions

It’s pretty clear that TinyChat has some challenges, and this is something that the community manager has acknowledged in a recent blog post. The following information can help you to resolve some of these issues.

This has been a huge problem for new members. It has caused some problems for people who are trying to access their chat and be able to see who is on it. One issue I have seen is that the “view room” button doesn’t work.

The problems and solutions

The problems and solutions

At first, I thought the TinyChat was crashing but it didn’t. It crashed when trying to view the chat room. I found a solution to the “view chat room” button not working. The problem was there was no chat room.

What you have to do is go to the parent’s profile, look for chat room and click on it, then you will be in a TinyChat chat room. It makes it so much easier.

Also, there has been a problem with the message forwarding that TinyChat allows. There was an issue where a user could send a message to someone in a TinyChat private room, which shouldn’t have been allowed. The person who was receiving the message could not see who the sender was. They were unable to reply to the message, or even read it.

However, it was determined that the TinyChat does allow you to send a message in a private room, but only when it is set up correctly. The users do have to be subscribed to the chat, and it has to be set up as a group. The problem is that there were too many duplicate messages going to the group chat room and it was a pain.

No public chat room

No public chat room

The most common issue that I have seen, is that people who are in a group that has a chat room, but no public chat room, do not realize that they cannot see everyone in that group. This is a big problem. The problem is the first user to join a chat room always gets all the other users in it’s direct friends list. This creates a problem because they can see everything a new member has sent, and they can see everyone in the group as well.

If you are not subscribed to a group, and someone sends you a message in a private room, the only way to read it is to read it in the chat room. If someone else is reading the private message, then they can see what you are reading. They can therefore see what you are reading and this creates a problem.

The other issue I have seen is that not every user has access to their chat in a private room. Therefore, they may not be able to see it either. So, if you are trying to send a message to a user in a private room, but they are not on the private room, they cannot see it.

Message in a private room

Message in a private room

In general, this makes it hard to send a message to someone in a private room. You will want to try to sign up to a group that has a chat room.

The main problem I have seen is that of tiny issues that have caused it to crash. It should run smoothly, but small issues like this really frustrate a lot of users.

The TinyChat has a great feature called Customized Messages that allows you to customize a message that you would like to send to your friends. You can also add a tag for your profile to include a link to your profile.

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